Rotoplat 508PDS

The Rotoplat 508PDS supersedes the Rotoplat 507PDS the most popular pallet wrapper in the UK and the choice for many major blue chip companies.

Robopac turntable pallet wrappers come with a 3-year warranty and full UK based Engineering and Spares support by the manufacturers.

The Rotoplat 508PDS has 6 pre-set programs with 15 adjustable parameters and has “parental control to stop unwanted altering of settings.

With 250% power pre-stretch as standard (300% option available) this pallet wrapper can provide pallet stability at the most economic cost.

4 tensions (bottom, up, top and down) are available in each program so that this pallet wrapper can wrap products as diverse as empty plastic bottles, cans of beans and sacks of pet food: just by selecting the program number and pressing start.

The Rotoplat 508PDS has the capability for 1 or more programs to be switched to MLC (Multi Level Controls) allowing 9 different levels of pallet wrapper settings in each program (call us and ask for more details). This allows this pallet wrapper to wrap the most awkward of pallets securely and without damaging the product.

Some of the standard features of this pallet wrapping machine are:

  • 1650 mm turntable (1200 x 1000 pallets) (1800 mm, 2200mm & 2400 mm options)
  • 2000 kg turntable capacity
  • Indexed turntable stopping position
  • Variable turntable speed
  • 2200 mm wrap height (2400 mm, 2800mm & 3100 mm options)
  • Variable Film Carriage speed (up and down)
  • Variable power pre-stretch
  • Variable tension (4 tensions available in each programme)
  • Top wrap selector
  • Bottom wrap selector
  • Top sheet cycle option
  • Film banding

Optional extras:

  • Ramp
  • Pit frame
  • Weigh scale with digital readout
  • Film Roping devices

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