Aetna Group at the Stretch & Shrink film 2013 Conference

Last April 18th Aetna Group played a prominent role in Berlin’s Stretch & Shrink Film 2013, the sector’s leading conference.

Managing Director Enrico Aureli presented the sector’s innovative vision. “To date – explained Enrico Aureli – our machines were seen as the tail end of the production line while they are really at the head of logistics. Each year companies throughout the world lose tens of billions in value because their products reach the market ruined or decayed by often long and tortuous transport and are thus rejected by consumers. Good palletising but, above all appropriate tertiary packaging are key processes that avoid these problems and, thus, preserve the value of goods“.

Packaging machines are thus the first key element in the chain to preserve value.

This vision — continued Enrico Aureli — emerged from the analysis of large food manufacturers on how to increase product shelf life: an analysis that demonstrated how the greatest damages are due to product shipping and storage. Thanks to the Technology Lab, at Aetna we are able to reproduce the stress and shocks the load suffers during road, sea and air transport and thus can study the best solutions to limit or even eliminate damages

The benefits for the end customer? “First of all less product waste, thus less film used for packaging, provided it is of good quality, lower transport insurance premiums and above all, the ability to indicate primary packaging weaknesses“. Primarily, this last benefit means a true revolution for the sector “Today – confirmed Enrico – we are no longer just packaging machine suppliers for the companies we work with but actual consultants on how to optimise primary packaging because we are able to point out their weaknesses to the manufacturer“.

A brand new role that brings economic advantages with it to companies but also a significant environmental benefit thanks to the drastic reduction in product and packaging waste.

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