Ecoplat Base

The Ecoplat Base is a pallet wrapper for companies looking to move from pallet wrapping by hand to using a pallet wrapping machine. As with all ...

Ecoplat FRD

The Ecoplat FRD is a pallet wrapper with the same film carriage as the Ecoplat Base and is ideal for those moving into pallet wrapping ...

Rotoplat 108FRD

The Rotoplat 108FRD supersedes the Rotoplat 107FRD the standard stretch version of the Rotoplat range of pallet wrappers. Robopac turntable pallet wrappers come with a 3-year ...

Rotoplat 508PDS

The Rotoplat 508PDS supersedes the Rotoplat 507PDS the most popular pallet wrapper in the UK and the choice for many major blue chip companies. Robopac turntable ...

Rotoplat 708PVS

The Rotoplat 708PVS supersedes the Rotoplat 707PVS and is the pallet wrapper for those companies that really want to optimise their film usage and get ...


The Masterplat is the newest machine in the range and the PGS has 250% power pre-stretch as standard and will use 50% less film than ...

Robot Master

Our archetypal mobile pallet wrapper. Suitable for mobile pallet wrapping as well as large-scale, industrial use.

Robot S6

Our more advanced model. Extremely flexible pallet wrapper.

Rotoplat 3000

Rotoplat 3000 Wraps up to 40 pallets an hour Rotoplat 3000LD Wraps up to 50 pallets an hour Rotoplat 3000HD Wraps up to 60 pallets an hour


Our helix model was designed to effectively attend to unstable loads. There are five versions of the model: Helix HS20Wraps up to 40 pallets an hour Helix ...

Genesis Futura 80

Our Genesis/Futura models are ideal for high speed, high volume wrapping and are also suitable for unstable loads. There are three Genesis/Futura models: Genesis Futura 40Wraps ...

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